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If you want to run a bot on the Sepedi Wikipedia, you must first get it approved. To do so, follow the instructions below to add a request. If you are not familiar with programming it may be a good idea to ask someone else to run a bot for you, rather than running your own.

 Instructions for bot operators

Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/Instructions for BAG members

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Current requests for approval[edit source]


Operator: [[::User:Mohau|Mohau]] (talk| contribs| SUL| edit count| logs| page moves| block log| rights log| ANI search)

Time filed: 20:32 9 September 2012 (SAST)

Automatic, Supervised, or Manual: Supervised

Programming language(s): C,VB

Source code available:

Function overview: Repetitive edits.

Bots in a trial period[edit source]

Bots that have completed the trial period[edit source]

Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/Approved

Denied requests[edit source]

Bots that have been denied for operations will be listed here for informational purposes for at least 7 days before being archived. No other action is required for these bots. Older requests can be found in the Archive.

Expired/withdrawn requests[edit source]

These requests have either expired, as information required by the operator was not provided, or been withdrawn. These tasks are not authorized to run, but such lack of authorization does not necessarily follow from a finding as to merit. A bot that, having been approved for testing, was not tested by an editor, or one for which the results of testing were not posted, for example, would appear here. Bot requests should not be placed here if there is an active discussion ongoing above. Operators whose requests have expired may reactivate their requests at anytime. The following list shows recent requests (if any) that have expired, listed here for informational purposes for at least 7 days before being archived. Older requests can be found in the respective archives: Expired, Withdrawn.