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Wattville is located in Gauteng
 Wattville laêditšê ka gare Gauteng
Coordinates: 26°13′19″S 28°18′11″E / 26.222°S 28.303°E / -26.222; 28.303
NagaAfrika Borwa
MmušôselegaeEkurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality|Ekurhuleni
 • Total2.17 km2 (0.84 sq mi)
Setšhaba (2011)[1]
 • Total25,667
 • Phitlaganyo12,000/km2 (31,000/sq mi)
Dipersente tša merafe (2011)[1]
 • Bathobaso99.0%
 • Bammala0.3%
 • MaIndia0.1%
 • Makgowa0.1%
 • Šele0.5%
Dipolelo tša ntlha (2011)[1]
 • Sezulu47.8%
 • Sesotho13.0%
 • Sepedi10.4%
 • Sethosa7.3%
 • Šele21.6%
Nomoro ya poso (Setarata)1501
Nomoro ya poso (Lepokisi)1516

Wattville is a township south of Benoni in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa. It was established in 1941, and by 1948, 400 houses were built on 34 hectares.

After 1948, building stopped as it was threatened with destruction. This was because it was considered too close to a white town. However, building continued in 1951 and by 1955 about 2,000 new houses had been erected.

The former African National Congress president Oliver Tambo lived here during the 1950s with his wife Adelaide. Mrs Tambo continued to serve the community and the local Anglican Church congregation, donating food parcels every year to the local senior citizens until she met her untimely death in 2008. She was buried next to her late husband in Wattville. A housing area was established in honour of the iconic couple, aptly named Tamboville with more than 800 families and still growing due to the influx of people into the township.

Ditšhupetšo[lokiša | edit source]

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