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Orange Farm

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Orange Farm
Orange Farm Youth Protest
Orange Farm Youth Protest
Orange Farm is located in Gauteng
Orange Farm
Orange Farm
 Orange Farm laêditšê ka gare Gauteng
Coordinates: 26°27′54″S 27°51′25″E / 26.465°S 27.857°E / -26.465; 27.857
NagaAfrika Borwa
Mmasepala wa Selete11
MmušôselegaeCity of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality|City of Johannesburg
 • CouncillorMotha (ANC)
Nomoro ya poso (Setarata)1805
Nomoro ya poso (Lepokisi)1805
Khoutu ya lefelo1841
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A sign in Orange Farm

Orange Farm (Farma) e legôrô 45 km borwa wa Johannesburg, ka moka porofense Gauteng, Afrika Borwa.

It is one of the youngest townships in South Africa, with the original inhabitants; originally a farming rural community with mainly farm workers. It was turned into a township after SA 1994 democratic general elections. Support for the population came slowly mostly from people who were tenants at the great township of Soweto.[2]

The Orange Farm Water Crisis Committee, an offshoot of the South African Anti-Privatization Forum (AFP) has been very vocal and active against the privatization of water.

Approximately 85% of the people work in Johannesburg. Most of the people use train to get to work. 35% of the residents are unemployed and the stats rise every year as the matriculates join them.

Infrastructure[lokiša | edit source]

Orange Farm is a rapidly growing township with great infrastructural developments each year. The township has a large main clinic (Stretford Clinic) and several minor clinics. The township's main roads are tarred and several minor streets may be tarred but in questionable condition. Orange farm has a small official library, permanent housing for many residents ( mainly government housing) . Electricity is readily available to most places with only a few areas without electricity (Including the Squatter camp in Drieziek 5). The town has a large multi-purpose community center.

However, these improvements come with financial costs, which most of the citizens living in Orange Farm cannot afford. The ongoing privatization of Orange Farm has also drawn much criticism from social justice and human rights groups as they have pointed out that local small businesses keep on dying. This can also be linked to the rising number of foreign owned shops in the area. A lot has been done to improve Orange farm, it also now has more than two parks and a two floor mall (Eyethu Orange Farm mall ). However, nearly all areas still need improvement.

Parks[lokiša | edit source]

Mountain Road Park (opened 12 October 2014) is situated in Orange Farm Ext 2, 1 km away from Eyethu Orange Farm Mall. This park sits where there used to be a soccer/football pitch of Ext 2 (Liver Pool Grouds).

Education[lokiša | edit source]

High Schools[lokiša | edit source]

  • Vulanindlela Secondary School
  • Leshata Secondary School
  • Mphethi Mahlatsi Seconday School
  • Aha-thuto Secondary School
  • Jabulile Secondary School
  • Thamsanqa Secondary School
  • Thetha Secondary School
  • Vutomi Secondary School
  • Isikhumbuzo Secondary School
  • Siyaphambili Secondary School
  • Sinqobile Secondary School
  • Masibambane College
  • Raphela Secondary School

Qoqa Secondary School Orange Farm Secondary School

Primary Schools[lokiša | edit source]

  • Inhlonipho Primary School
  • Laus Deo Primary School
  • Radipabi Primary School
  • Orange Farm Primary School
  • Refalletse Primary School
  • Langa Libalele Primary School
  • Reamohetsoe Primary School
  • Qhakazani Primary School
  • Amsai Primary School
  • Rekhutlile Primary school
  • Nomini Primary School
  • Tshepana Primary School
  • Madume Primary School
  • Masibambane College
  • Reitumetse Primary School
  • Solwazi Primary School
  • Itemoheleng Primary School
  • Stretford Primary School
  • Anglican Primary School
  • Sincobile Intermediate school
  • Moyisela Primary School

Gauteng Digital Schools[lokiša | edit source]

In 2015, the first stage in the Gauteng Digital Schools project was launched after the second term (After midyear). The Gauteng department of education aims to transform all schools in the province to paperless schools. The project is headed by the MEC of education Mr Panyaza Lesufi. The project began with replacing traditional chalkboards with large, touch-operated Smart boards and every learner receiving a Huawei 10" tablet and changes to classrooms. For 2015, the changes were only to grade 12 classes and students. Most (if not all) government schools in the province (Orange Farm Included) were equipt with "smart" grade 12 classes. If the project prospers all schools and grades in Orange Farm will be completely paperless and truly digitalised.

References[lokiša | edit source]

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