Botha's Hill

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Botha's Hill
Botha's Hill in 2010
Botha's Hill in 2010
NagaAfrika Borwa
PorofenseKwaZulu Natala
MmušôselegaeeThekwini Metropolitan Municipality|eThekwini
 • TypeWard 8
 • CouncillorMichael Shelembe (ANC)
 • Total7.38 km2 (2.85 sq mi)
Setšhaba (2001)[1]
 • Total1,992
 • Phitlaganyo270/km2 (700/sq mi)
Dipersente tša merafe (2001)[1]
 • Bathobaso29.8%
 • Bammala0.5%
 • MaIndia9.5%
 • Makgowa60.2%
Dipolelo tša ntlha (2001)[1]
 • Seisimane67.6%
 • Sezulu25.5%
 • Afrikaans4.1%
 • Sethosa1.5%
Nomoro ya poso (Setarata)3610
Nomoro ya poso (Lepokisi)3660
Khoutu ya lefelo031

Botha's Hill is a small town outside Hillcrest in KwaZulu Natala, Afrika Borwa. It is the gateway to the Valley of a Thousand Hills. Kearsney College moved to Botha's Hill in 1939.

The village is 37km north-west of Durban, on the old main road to Pietermaritzburg before the N3 highway was built. It was named after a settler, Philip Rudolph Botha, grandfather of General Louis Botha (1862-1919), first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa.[2]

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