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Thulamahashe is a township situated in Bushbuckridge, part of the Mpumalanga province, South Africa. It falls under the district Bohlabela, it has 3 sections, section A, Section B and Section C. Thulamahashe is surrounded by a number of villages, dominated by Tsonga(Shangaan) people, most have relocated from Mozambique and found refuge in this small township, which is now a home.

The Township derive it's name from a Prince Mhlanganyelwa Thulilwamahashe(a gallop of horses) now pronounced by locals as Thulamahashe. This name came as a result of him out running the horses of the colonial Portuguese army in Gaza Kingdom upon the arrest of his father King Nghunghunyana Mdungazwe Nxumalo in 1895. Seeing that his father and brothers were taken captives to Europe, the Nxumalo Royals Royal family upon regrouping appointed him to be the regent of the AmaShangaana Gaza Kingdom until his elder brother King Buyisonto(Bisonto) returned to take over the throne.

The Township is rated the best in Bushbuckridge. It boasts Schools, Clinics, Malls and Shopping Centers, Government Administration Offices, Stadiums, Roads, Water, Resorts and Entertainment areas.

It is also the largest economic contributor in the Bushbuckridge Municipality.

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