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Usage[edit source]

Takes one optional parameter, the year-number. Prefix it with a minus sign for BC.

For AD years the number can be omitted if it is the page name.

The box width shrinks nearly 6% for smaller year-number sizes.

Example for "{{Year nav|1970}}" at right:
Ngwagakete: Ngwagakete 2
Mengwagakgolo: Ngwagakgolo 19Ngwagakgolo 20Ngwagakgolo 21
Mengwagasome: 1940s  1950s  1960s  – 1970s –  1980s  1990s  2000s
Mengwaga: 1967 1968 196919701971 1972 1973

Example for "{{Year nav|100}}" at right:
Ngwagakete: Ngwagakete 1
Mengwagakgolo: Ngwagakgolo 1 BCNgwagakgolo 1Ngwagakgolo 2
Mengwagasome: 70s  80s  90s  – 100s –  110s  120s  130s
Mengwaga: 97 98 99100101 102 103

Example for "{{Year nav|-114}}" at right:
Ngwagakete: Ngwagakete 1 BC
Mengwagakgolo: Ngwagakgolo 3 BCNgwagakgolo 2 BCNgwagakgolo 1 BC
Mengwagasome: 140s BC  130s BC  120s BC  – 110s BC –  100s BC  90s BC  80s BC
Mengwaga: 117 BC 116 BC 115 BC114 BC113 BC 112 BC 111 BC

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