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Ke a bona gore o nagana gore Matlakala ao mabapi le "Polokego ya Nyuklea" le "PHOLISI YA MALEME YA MMASEPALA WA TOROPO YA TSHWANE" ga se tsa swanela go ba mo Wikipedia. Re tla dira bjang go thoma "Wikisource" ka Sepedi?.

I see that you think that the Northern Sotho Article about Nuclear Safety and also the article about language policy in the Tshwane Municipality in South Africa are not appropriate for the wikipedia. Please could you give us some guidelines as to how to start a "Wikisource" in Sepedi. This could help the development of many of the African language wikipedia's. Once we have a good stock of material in Wikisource's in these lanagues, it will be much easier to produce quality articles. Your help in this regard will be much appreciated. --Phillip (talk) 08:48, 29 Dibatsela 2014 (SAST)